Septic Maxx South Lyon Michigan Review


I’ve had several very negative interactions with this company. I purchased their product once 10 years ago when i first moved inot my house. It was a one-year supply of their septic treatment product. I used it, but after reading what was needed to properly maintain a septic system, I changed to quarterly use of a product that was cheaper and available at my hardware store. Three years after my original purchase, I recieved a call stating that I had not paid for my product and that I was being sent to collections. I disupted the charges and emailed them copies of my bank statements showing the original debit card transactions from several years past. I recieved another call 6 months later with the same assertions. I asked them to refer to the email I had sent and please do not call again. For the next 18 months, I contnued to recieve calls, threatening to take me to collections for a product I had paid for years ago. I told them that I would happily go to collections to prove my point and to take me off their call list. Every 6 months or so, I get a call from these people trying to sell me their product. Every time they call I ask to be taken off their marketing list. My most recent call was today @ 1:10 PM ET.

Del Ray Beach, Florida USA


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