Sev Attarian, Sevag’s Auction, Sevag, Tucson Arizona


Complaint: Went off ebay to buy three items. Used photos and many emails to describe exactly what I needed. Paid for items via Paypal. Waited 16 business days before I emailed him and filed with paypal. Lied to paypal about shipment, still took another 4 days to ship. Items arrived and 2 of 3 items broken. $20 item could not be used. With paypal claim still open he told me to return item and he would refund money. While my package was in transit paypal closed ‘non shipment’ claim. Sev refused my package and blocked my emails. I am out the $20 plus the ~$5 to return ship the broken parts. I would have to say this guy was VERY nasty when I filed a claim. He blocked my emails and lied in his claim to paypal. Paypal does not cover ‘broken’ items. My only regret was going off ebay because I have no recourse from this scum bag. If you must buy a Mercedes part from this guy bewarned. I doubt he knows what he selling. Edward Tucson, ArizonaU.S.A.

Tags: Auto Parts

Address: 2604 Piedmont Ave Montrose, California U.S.A.



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