Seven Motors Inc


Car trouble I was told there was nothing wrong with the car but the enition switch


My Complaint: The date I purchased this car I was told by management Larry that there was nothing wrong with this car but needing an enition switch which he would replace OK I bought the car as is but not even a month goes by he hasn’t fixed the switch plus I’ve done spent out so much money on the car repairing the front end of the car when I was told there was nothing wrong with the car now I’m tuck with a car and been spending money not even a week prior after me purchasing the car and I think it’s wrong to lie to someone and just take their hard working earned money like that and I’m a single parent with no help having to do it all by myself with no kind of help from anyone and it hurts bcuz its taking so much away from my children even their Christmas because I’m having to repair on a car that I was told nothing was wrong with it they just now getting the switch fixed and called me and told me I’ll have to pay$350 to get my car back they have drained me to the core with this car that nothing is supposed to be wrong with it so yes I’m asking for someone to please help me because in getting tanned over and taking my hard working money I have every reciept for every part I’ve purchased and what I have paid out on this car


My Demand: I just want all of my money back from my down payment which was $1500 plus for the parts I paid for and car payment $175 $150 for labor $195

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