Seymour Elementary School Review


I received the usual telephone sales call like many of us do at a public school. I agreed over the phone to try the products for what was suppose to be under a $100. My first shipment was one spray bottle of blood and stain remover for sports uniforms and two boxes of antimicrobial towelettes that contained 100 small towelettes each. I thought this was what I had purchased and this was in June of 2014. Then in Sept of 0f 2014 I received two more boxes of towelettes and an invoice of double the first one of $152.48. Next comes an invoice in March of 2015 double the last invoice and was $297.03 for a couple more boxes. Now, in Nov 2015 comes 6 boxes of the towelettes and two bottles of the stain remover which is suppose to complete the order I never agreed to and the invoice is now, guess what, double the last one and is $598. I have talked to he company and told them I would return the product and not pay the last invoice; as of now they have agreed to do this. | I believe this is a deceptive practice and they will continue to milk an organization with these increasing invoices until you have had enough. Larger organizations probably wouldn’t catch this. What makes the scam so effective, is the intial agreement is by phone and never costed out and your misled to believe it is a one time cost and then you hear the words “back ordered.” | When I told the customer service representative there are many complaints logged about this very thing with the Better Business Bureau regarding his company. He said they don’t even respond to those or belong to the Better Business Bureau because the Better Business Bureau has been cited for fraud. And, several hundred complaints are pretty small with the amount of business they do. I told him the whole thing is a scam and we are done with them. | I recommend you run away when you hear the word Kleritec. Shame on them for treating public school districts this way. |


  • Name: Seymour Elementary School
  • Country: United States
  • State: Missouri
  • City: Seymour
  • Address: 425 E Center Ave
  • Phone: 417-935-2287
  • Website:

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