Shandra Comas – Juneau, Alaska Alaska


This “beautiful soul” enjoys late night conversations with someone elses man, snapchatting only at specific hours while the significant others are away, sending naked pictures to arouse a man that is not her husband and going out of her way to put all the blame on the other man saying she was manipulated, coerced and harrassed into such daunting affairs. 1. You dont get manuipulated into late night conversations and affairs that last for MONTHS, nice try playing the “poor me card” 2. You dont get coerced into “falling in love”, blogging about it, ruining relationships and cheating on your husband 3. I was pregnant and she knew it the whole time. Hopefully karma bites this bitch hard and I hope it hurts. Just want everyone to watchout for this heartless Homewrecking whore. She has no remorse.

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