Shanice Webb – Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


This home wrecker worked with my man and would beg him to suck his d all the time. At a time he and I were going through some issues she brought her begging ass in his station every time she heard us arguing saying these words to be exact: “Please dont go home mad just let me suck your d*** please”. Let me pleasure you take the tension off.” If you leave your wife i’ll sleep with you and another woman quarterly.” He would tell her he was cool and at times she would back off but the more she seen us go through it the more she would BEG . Ever wanted something you cant have. We did a swim party for our kids she turned and did the same right behind us . this girl is obssesed with my family and tried to do everything to distroy my family . she played on my phone when he would try to leave her alone to blackmail him also saying that she would tell me if he wouldn’t call her . we was on a trip for Valentines and she called mad telling him how wrong he was to be with me mind you we been together 19 years he sleeps with me every night and with me daily he works 2 days a week and thats when she would be in his face he has never been in her home on a date nothing not even share a bag of chips no drinking together nothing just head and sex and she found it ok to contact us on Valentines Day as if she had a position she made sure i found out while we was on our trip enjoying ourselves . But its crazy because we are always on trips together just went to the BET AWARDS why are you on this mans phone ??

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