Shanna Murch Dowell – Portage, Indiana Indiana


This filthy b**ch prays on ONLY married men at her job at a paper mill in Valparaiso, In. She’s working on another one as I’m posting this! She will befriend them, have them texting her all day and night. Having them call her to make sure she’s up for work and taking them away from spending time with wives and kids. She gets drunk and texts them to come over to her dilapidated filthy trailer. She has no care in the world if she wrecks your family. She has no regard for the children that get put in the middle of her wh**eish existence as long as she’s getting what she wants. She’s a vile alcoholic trailer trash. I would love to throat punch this stinking c**t but instead I’ll blast her here and hope she’s exposed as the disgusting piece of f**king shit she really is. I hope you get to see this Shanna you disgusting cunt…I hope you die in your own puke all alone in your dirty f**king trailer! You need mental help since only screwing married guys gets you off. B**ch.

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