Shannon Joy Armstrong – Miamiasburg, Ohio Ohio


This is a piece of white trash desperate whore who apparently can’t find a man of her own so she preys on other women’s bf’s fiance’s and husbands trying to take them away from their family’s so she can have a provider and daddy for her kid!! That and she’s so disgusting ugly she has to get them drunk to have sex with her yellow crooked teeth. saggy boobs and body because no great looking guy would ever touch that sober!! GROSS!!! She will play the victim when confronted and even contact your man again letting him know you confronted her and she’s so upset. Poor pitiful whore who knows he has a family and beautiful wife at home. while there are issues going on not caring if they are trying to work on their relationship or not. She will justify her actions and try to tear your family apart!! To bad ugly bitch it didn’t work!! What part of your disgusting to him and he is so ashamed of ever touching you do you not understand!! Likw you even hold a candle to the woman he has….lol Men stay faitheful to your women at home, seek counseling and don’t ever become this deperate because she will use you and try to destroy your home using his own family to do it!! I was nice the nice the first time…..make contact with him again correspondence won’t be so nice I promise! Go get your own man you disgusting nasty ass whore….like you ever had a chance here with mine without getting him completely drunk first and coming onto him….yuck….he is disgusted with himself!!

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