Shannon V. Emery – Bangor, Maine Maine


This is more of a public service announcement. If your husband has this “lady” in his Facebook friend’s list, keep an eye! She began messaging my husband in Facebook while he was in a business trip in Maine. She knew he was married and had a child because his profile picture was a picture of us. The conversation between then moved to text messaging, with her sending the first text messages according to phone records. This woman would text my husband all day starting at 6 in the morning. Haha I’m glad she didn’t know my husband HATES texting because over the 3 week period this affair lasted, she sent my husband 500+ text messages. || When I found out about the affair, my husband denied everything and said she was just an old high school friend. I tried reaching out to her to see if she would at least have the decency of telling me the truth and her side of the story, but she disappeared from all social media and never answered any of my text messages or phone calls. I started an investigation and the husband ended up telling me the truth. He had been sleeping around with this woman, and was already spending most nights at her house. I gave him the option to leave with his Facebook Whore and start a new life with her in Maine; but he cried, begged for forgiveness, and left his business in Maine to return home within 24 hours of when I first found out. I forgave my husband, but he is paying for it and walking on a very thin line. I had him checked for STDs, even though he swears that he used protection, and we are currently waiting to send him on his second STD check so that our life can finally go back to normal. || Ladies, keep an eye on your husbands on social media, specially if you see this BIMBO under their friend’s list. Be careful with this woman. She is divorced, close to her 50’s, and desperate to snatch a husband. She works as a social worker “helping children and families,” but will turn around and split a family without hesitation.

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