Shante Palillero – Marlton, Texas Texas


This is Shante Palillero. She lived in Marlton NJ and moved to Texas because she ran out of everyone husbands,bosses,bums etc etc on the East Coast. She is disgusting. She has a husband who takes care of her while she runs around spreading her legs to any and everything that gives her attention. She physically and emotionally abuses her husband and his family. She accuses her husband of cheating and all he does is put up with her nasty ass. She has ruined marriages and relationships and doesn’t keep a job more than a few months due to her uncontrollable leg spreading! She has also posted other women on this site and other sites when she would get caught cheating. Makes no sense! She would go as far as pretending to be the person she would post about. She is mental. A mental/psycho slut!

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