Shapewe Review


Ordered coat from company. Company claimed it to be very warm. It took 3weeks to receive. I ordered a 2x. The coat was very,very small. It was very light weight, and had a hole in the liner. No paperwork was included. The only way to reach the company was to comment on Facebook page. They asked for a picture, which I sent, only to be told it did not meet there return policy. I was told if I expressed it back within 3days, they would refund me 30%. I went on their Facebook page and warned customers of company. I was not the only one with complaints. They would take down all the bad complaints and now they have it set up so no one can reply to anyone asking questions about their coats.The price was cheap. I have learned my lesson. If itís to good to be true it probably is. In the meantime, they are ripping people off in small amounts.

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