Shari’s Berries Tampa Florida Review


I heard an ad on the local radio for a special offer from Shari’s Berries. I went on the website and found several good deals on chocolate covered strawberries. I put the code in from the radio ad. The way the web page was set up, it appeared that it was free shipping with additional charges for specific days. I chose Friday delivery for $4.99. It showed my purchase, with the discount of $29.98 and the Friday shipping of $4.99. I entered the information for my credit card and was shocked when I saw that the total charge was $53.96 for a lousy dozen chocolate covered strawberries, I should have ordered from Edible Arrangements. This is what I saw AFTER I entered the order – should I not have had the option to review this and accept it or deny it? Lesson learned Shari’s Berries, won’t be doing business with you again. Thanks for making me miserable today! Subtotal $29.98 Standard Delivery $14.99 Guaranteed May 6th Delivery $4.99 Order Subtotal $49.96 Applied Tax $4.00

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