Sharkey/Sisbro Transportation Virden Illinois


Complaint: I drove for Sisbro/Sharkey Transportation for six months. It was the most degrading position that I have been involved with as a professional truck driver, EVER. Folks, if you would like to find out exactly what it is like to be treated like you are despised by a company, I highly recommend this company. It has been my worst recorded wages in my career. I had no intensions of wasting my time writing about this company untill I learned today that this company intentionally lied to DAC, (Hire Right), out of Oklahoma about my record. Not suprising to me. It proves that what I say is true. Ley me explain myself. I have been successful as a professional driver for seventeen years with a seventeen year safe driving award from Owner Operator Independant Drivers Association, a super clean MVR, PSP, and a ZERO CSA. In my career I have never been reported by an employer to Hire Right. I have the credentials to plead my case along with a portfolio that speaks for itself. It is out of the goodness of my heart that I take the time out of my day to send a stern warning out there via this fine web site to help some poor soul that might need to hear this…”THEY WILL TREAT YOU AS AN ENEMY””

Tags: Employers

Address: sincerely

Website: 1-800-510-7423

Phone: Drifter”

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