Sharlett Lucille Gregory – Beaufort, South Carolina South Carolina


Sharlett Lucille Gregory aka Sharlett Lucille Clardy aka Sharlett Lucille Hunerkoch aka Sharlett Lucille Zea is a VILE PREDATORY WH*RE who is responsible for breaking up my marriage and getting my husband hooked on hard drugs as she is. Her M.O. is to find her victims on and use them until she moves on to the next one. She’s even been known to have multiple liasons (she’s utterly ignorant and doesn’t have a clue as how to spell or define ‘liasons”!). Whilst she was married to her 2nd husband, Clardy, she went online to POF and sought out husband #3 Michael Gregory. She was arrested for carrying dope in Metropolis, IL while married to husband #2 and sentenced to rehab. It didn’t work out for her as she’s still using. She left her 2nd husband and immediately began a relationship with Michael Gregory who became husband #3. Last June of 2017 while he was DYING at MUSC Hospital, she was having an affair with my husband for 4+ years. My husband is equally guilty for his iLL choices and actions. However that VILE ADULTEROUS PREDATORY WH*RE knowingly and wittingly took it upon herself to ruin my husband and our marriage of 25+ years (32+ years all together) for her own selfish reasons. Sadly, I didnt have a bloody clue until I was made aware of his affair on 1/4/2018 at 12:14am during the Charleston snowstorm. I found a receipt for 2 overpriced Dwight Yoakum concert tickets he paid $606.10 for the following weekend in Cherokee, NC at some casino. I thought he was going to take me away for the weekend even though we never listened to that type of music. I was utterly wrong. When I jostled him that early morning after midnight on 1/4/2018 to inquire about the concert, he denied the questions and kept changing his answers each time. Finally he admitted to having an affair for 4+ years but wouldn’t give me any details on with whom except that she was about the same age as ourselves. I was devastated and gutted. I cried for over 19 hours nonstop, my face was raw from the tears and my eyes and cheeks scabbed up for 3 days afterwards. He left me that afternoon on 1/4/2018 and is now residing with that VILE W**** in Beaufort, SC. He commutes daily to Charleston for his job. It took me a 9-10 days to get my head together. I channeled my devastation into anger mode and began sleuthing for information. He had locked me out of our email account but I was still an authorised user and was able to provide AT&T with the necessary credentials to recover and get back in. Successfully I discovered his paper trail of receipts, bit coin transactions and the “smoking gun” of a 2015 email sent from that WHORE to him with attached pictures. Previously, I also got into his phone on that early morning of 1/4/2018 (after he admitted to the affair) and wrote down all the numbers in his text messages on 3 sticky notes. I looked up those numbers and crossed off the legitimate ones but noted the numbers that didn’t check out. On 1/13/2018 I paid 2 services to investigate and look up the questionable numbers I had and discovered Sharlett Lucille Gregory. I did a background check on her and that’s how I found her numerous aliases. On 1/14/2018 when I got into the AT&T email and found that letter w/pictures from her, I knew I found his WHORE. I immediately looked her up on Facebook to see if she had a profile and she does. She also has multiple Twitter and Instagram accounts which I’ve blocked her upon. I filed for divorce on 1/17/2018 on grounds for Adultery and named her as the reason/person responsible who instigated this. I’ve proven my husband’s adultery but am still going through this contentious divorce process. While he was under surveillance, my PI videoed him in a drug deal/buy on 2/21/2018. He was charged with possession and fined. I showed up unbeknownst to him on his court date 3/6/2018 (Day #62) and confronted him. We spoke before court and afterwards for over an hour in my car. My presence helped him in court obtain a PTI (Preliminary Trial Intervention) but he was later rejected from the program due to “Defendant’s Choice” sadly because he didn’t want to quit using drugs. He had to return to court for that charge but I do not know the outcome and honestly don’t care (even though his actions do affect me directly or indirectly). I’m still residing in our marital home of over 20+ years and he’s paying for everything per the Temporary Settlement Agreement. He lied on his affidavit and didn’t provide requested documents for the interrogatories and that’s why this divorce process is still ongoing. He was recently served for a Rule to Show Cause Order for not abiding to the Temporary Settlement Agreement he proposed and agreed to. I’m going to Court next week on 6/14/2018 for the first time. Mediation is scheduled for 7/30/2018. The *****, Sharlett Gregory, is being called as a witness for the texts messages she sent to one of the men she was also screwing around while involved with my husband. She and that man actually went to the Dwight Yoakum concert together that my idiot husband purchased tickets for to impress his WH**E. Websters defines “WH**E” not only as a prostitute but also a promiscuous woman. She is most definitely the epitome of said definition. I’m fortunate that I’m not a ruined woman from my husband’s infidelity with that VILE PREDATORY WHORE. Nonetheless, I am still somewhat emotionally raw but I’m not crying daily about everything that has occurred. I’ve lost over 67 lbs these past 158 Days and look and feel fantastic! Today is Day #158 and 87 days of no contact whatsoever with my stbxh. I stilk cannot believe that his penis falls into that vagina on a regular basis! She’s absolutely HIDEOUS. He most definitely didn’t trade up with that tired old piece he’s now shacked up with in Beaufort.

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