Sharper Impressions Painting, KC, Owner, Jeff Sapp overland Park Kansas Review


In August 2011 I contracted with Jeff Sapp with Sharper Impressions Painting to paint the exterior of the home, he never told me he will be contracting the bid out. here are the problems witnessed first hand and reported to Jeff Sapp twice over the phone only to be told to let them finish and he will take care of any problems as I have 5 years warranty. 1-Witnessed the team leader teaching one of his crew how to hold the paint brush to paint with.2-Twice witnessed paint being poured from the main container without being mixed first (clear material showing on top). I did mentioned it at the time.3- I personally caught them including the team leader going up the ladder with the paint bucket to paint the windows skipping the primer as contracted for.4-skipped caulking many areas even areas to this day can be easily noticed on the lower section of the home.5- Spilled paint on the deck, and the brick wall and did not thoroughly cleaned it.6- Many days they worked less than 4-5 hours and not due to weather.7-left running paint on the inside tracks of the windows.8- painted areas of the windows that I told them many times not to paint.9- Due to the the inexperience of half of the team and the short daily hours they put in, it took them 3 weeks to complete.10- At lease twice I climbed on a ladder to discover the poor prep work they did as I was able to easily pull sheets of the old paint already painted with the new paint.In the final analysis, I wish I have read the various complaints on the web regarding this company. The bottom line is this: I discovered the above because I watched them and because I know little about prepping a home to paint and Feel sorry for the people that just look at the color change rather than the preparation to paint as lack of good prep will create wood rot that will never be connected to the poor job the painters did.PS. the quote was the same amount as another painting company had already given me with me supplying the Caulking, paint & primer.I paid Jeff Sapp in full on the premise that I have 5 year warrant and that his touch up man will come in 2 weeks to cleans the messes and touchup. 6 weeks later Clyde showed up with an attitude, was insulting,and left without finishing. Upon calling him back he said “if I am in your neighborhood I will stop to finish””. I am giving them until the end of Nov 2011. to send someone else to clean the messes

finish caulking and touch up or I will hire someone else to finish and seek legal remedies thereafter.”

15941 w 65 street shawnee, Kansas United States of America


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