Shary Arnold – St. Augustine, Florida Florida


This woman is a pathological liar who seeks attention & sympathy from everyone she meets. She has concocted an entire story regarding her ex husband beating her & how she feared for her life. Her own family knows this not to be true, hence why her own parents have disowned her. She has no respect for herself or others. She goes after married men habitually. She will have unprotected sex, perform oral sex & send naked pictures to any man who shows her attention. She claims that BJJ has changed her life but the only thing it’s changed, is her venue for seeking men. This woman knew me & our children but yet still went after my husband. While he is not an innocent member of this situation, he QUICKLY realized the error of his ways & repented. The shame & guilt he now carries will haunt him for some time. She even had the audacity to tell him that children are resilient & would survive a divorce. She told him she was scared of him returning to me and making things right. Shary Arnold destroys everything she touches. She will lie & twist the truth to make it meet her sick agenda. Beware of this slore!

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