Sharye Gilbert – Lawrenceville, Georgia Georgia


This piece of work is married and has 2 younger children. She was high school “friends” with my husband. She had cheated on several of her boyfriends with him while they were in high school together.  They lost touch at some point and reconnected through mutual friends on Facebook around December 2014.  She is married and she knew he was married. They texted like high school girls, up to 3000 times a month at all times during the day and night and talked on the phone most days.  She was an elementary school special ed teacher at CJ Hicks Elementary School in Conyers, GA, and was sending 100s of texts back and forth with my husband nearly every single school day talking about what she was wearing and what sexual fantasies they had and blah blah blah. Shouldn’t she be attending to her students instead of getting paid to destroy my family and marriage? During this time we lost one of our sons. You’d think a decent person would end things at that point. You know, so he could go back to his family and children that are still alive and be there for his wife. But not this one. She actually stepped it up a few notches. Her husband found out about them in April 2016 and called my husband and told him to leave his wife alone. She called my husabnd back and gave the over used, unimaginative and tired story about how she was sooooo miserable in her marriage and was going to leave her husband. My husband bought it. He’s an idiot too. Eventually they ended up sleeping together. He had a work trip planned to Vegas and they were planning on going together. Her husband called me in August 2016 and told me about them. I confronted my husband. He immediately changed his cell phone number and she was the first one he gave it to! He ended up moving into his mother’s house a few days after i found out. They didn’t stop. In fact, they kicked it up again. Her husaband told me that she wasn’t just sleeping with my husband during this time. She was very supportive of him moving out and filing for divorce. And yet she didn’t leave her husband and didn’t file for divorce. Her husband told me that she begged him to forgive her when he was considering leaving. But my husband tells me that she kept telling him she was through with her marriage. That sounds like a lot of manipulation to me. I personally find her unattractive and so incredibly selfish and self absorbed. She spent so much time hounding these other men that there couldn’t have been much time for her own children. When my husband decided he wanted to work on his marriage and his relationship with his son she actually had the nerve to be mad at him! I personally have absolutely no respect for her. I find her character questionable at best. Be careful if you’re in the greater Atlanta area. You never know who is hunting your husband.

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