Shasta Pools Casa grande Arizona Review


Shasta Pools blame the customer for there faulty work. I have a 2.5 year old pool that has been a constant up hill battle … though we have done ALL that Shasta has required, keeping a constant PH at 7.2-7.6 we are told a different story every time, to the point it makes my head spin. We use the chemical kit (not strips) to test the pool, although one of the retired VP’s at one point said to use the strips…we have the water tested at Leslies Pool, and generally tests perfect…….we have a copy of the the report as well. There is so much staining going on, and PH is difficult to keep perfect. We have to test our pool every other day 6 months of the year, add considerable acid while pool pump is running at night, we have automatic clorinator, clean filters to the pool pump every 3 months, and more often if there are considerable dust storms in the summer.It is actually turning out to be ROCKET SCIENCE at this point. The finish was replaced the first year, they blamed it on “CRYSTAL CRETE

it didn’t CURE””. OH but first

they tried to put the blame on us

performed a low PH with acid for a week then drained the pool

hosed it down

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