Shaun Joseph Stewart Review


Shaun Joseph Stewart is an absolute unprofessional, not serious guy! We did meet back in October 2015 in person to speak about the redesign and concept of my existing website. He requested two payments. An up-front payment of $900.00 that I did pay right away trough Venmo; the rest payment of $1.100.00 was agreed to pay by completing of the assignment. | At the very start, Shaun has provided me some basic designs for the opening of my website based on my ideas. We than had a one year break as I wasn’t ready to continue working on my site. We did meet again in July 2017 in person and finalized the new timing and project for my website to be completed. Therefore, Shaun requested from me the second part payment of $1,100.00 up front that I have paid again right away through Venmo. | Since than Shaun would never ever again spend even a second working on my website, even after promising me many times that he would do so. He did apologize to me in October 2017 after a 10-week disappearing and not responding to any kind of messages from me, as an excuse of having some personal difficult time to handle. I gave him another chance but Shaun never worked ever on my side. Instead he actually did redesign his own website and would always put me of with the reason that he was too busy. | I gave him many warnings and even went to the small claim court in LA. They did try to deliver him the court documents in person but Shaun Joseph Stewart never was present in person or did avoid being at his LA address. I believe that he did stay with his brother that as well wasn’t present at the time or being instructed by Shaun not to answer the door for the court delivery documents that where handled by the local Sheriff Department. Shaun lives mostly of his time in NY, but he never gave me that address. | I have now lost $1,100.00 to an absolute Moron and lyer! This situation cost me even more big stress and time and I am truly devastated and frustrated. Shaun Joseph Stewart is extremely unprofessional and untruthful! He is an Con-Artist and has taken full advantage of my situation. He needs to be reported and avoid. Do not hire or trust this guy for any kind of business!


  • Name: Shaun Joseph Stewart
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Los Angeles
  • Address: 1865 N Fuller Ave, Apt #209
  • Phone: 212-203-7842
  • Website:

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