Shauna Giger – South Bend, Indiana Indiana


Shauna Baker-Giger is slut and so is her husband. But what can you say. All dogs dig hoes. Just like real dogs do. Two peas in a pod. She got her husband by being a home wrecker. Now she is on here complaining about another woman sleeping with her husband. You can’t speak on home wreckers if you are one yourself. she works at a bank in south bend. I wouldn’t trust her to invest my money. But if I looked like her I guess I wouldn’t be pickie about the men That Persue me. So I guess she takes what she can get. When she drinks her attitude is really bad. I remember seeing her with a black eye at the bank. I’m pretty sure her husband gave it to her. All men be careful. She carries a inflaming sexual disease. Thanks to her man Gary E. Giger. That guy should be the black Santa. Because he’s definitely a hoe hoe hoe. They are the modern day O.J. and Nicole.

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