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Complaint: They had sent me a Certified Check for 3,950$ with processing fee 3,650$ at the time I was very happy to share the news with my 5 children cause we was in the verge of moving to another state. It was a blessing to us to receive this check. So I had contacted a claim agent: Solomon King @ 8772193279 to verify I deposit the money in my account.. for some reason he never contact me back. I happened to check my account, just to here my banker tell me my account in a negative 3,950$ I really didn’t understand how cause I never spend any of the money.. all I did was deposit the check. Now I have no idea how I’m feed my children, or pay my bills on behalf of our moving. My spirit is so crush and depressed. I really hope I can get a lawyer on this case, cause I need every dime and penny back.. I wish i would of goggle this information before I deposit the check.. They got me out the money now, but I will eventually get my justice serve. On behalf of me and my children..

Tags: Bad Check Writers

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Website: 223 Abel Road, Cape-town, South Africa 1294

Phone: 8772193279

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