Shaw floors Longmont Colorado Review


After my nest emptied, I invested in a “good carpet””. I picked out a beautiful Shaw frieze in shades of brown. It was so soft and lush

with strands an inch long. I also invested in an 8 lb Shaw pad

the best in stock

and was told that this would even double the warranty of the carpet! nI loved this carpet… for about a year. Then it started laying down. I got a carpet rake. Tried Host cleaner first (recommended by local carpet store). Then got it steam cleaned. Nothing worked so I called Shaw. They sent out guys who took pictures and pulled strands of carpet. They took a pad and carpet sample from an extra piece in the garage and filed it with a report. Oh

guess what? Yep. Normal wear and tear. nThis is NOT normal. The strands are laying down flat. The carpet in the traffic areas is very fuzzy. The carpet on the stairs looks awful. It doesn’t even feel like there’s any pad at all under the traffic areas. My 15 year old contractor-grade carpet looked better than this! I will NEVER again buy a Shaw carpet or pad.”

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