Shawn Alan Wiley & Laura Ulreich – Basehor, Kansas Kansas


This evil being is so covert that he has destroyed his own son, his own wife, his own family unit for his own selfish desires. He gave up a beautiful family, marriage and home because he is so mentally ill that he can’t function on a regular basis. He is very unstable and blames anyone and everyone for his wrong doing. He got fired from his job and blames his wife. He is mentally unstable that is why he got fired. He has had what I know to be 7 affairs, and is now shacking up and “USING” a woman in Basehor, Kansas named Laura Ulreich. He admitted to using her because he cannot sustain himself due to his mental illness and addiction of gambling and alcohol and adultery, and now pill popping and I hear now that he is dealing. He said “she is keeping me until”. He is a serial lair, cheater, thief, and con-artist… the best there is. He will continue to use this woman until she no longer supplies his needs. She is gullible to his usage and brainwashing tactics and then he will seek new supply. His wife loves him so much and will go to he end of the earth for him as long as he takes his medicine and goes to therapy but he refuses because it is easier to sleep with other women and steal and commit fraud when family and peeps around him can be so easily manipulated by him. I feel so sorry for his wife and son who stood by him. I feel sorry for his mom and dad who have been lied to and used repeatedly. As far as Laura Ulreich, she deserves what she gets and she is being used beyond belief by this horrible evil man. But apparently she has slept around on him also so they probably deserve each other and his family has to pick up the pieces of his train wreck and move on as best they can. He left his wife of 28 years with no home, no belongings, no money, no life insurance, no car insurance, no health insurance, she lost everything including their precious pets and lived out of her car due to his out of control addiction and mental illness and reckless self serving behavior. His son has been abandoned by him again and is left living with his grandma because his mother can barely survive on her own, due to his neglect and severe emotional, mental, physical, sexual, verbal and silent abuse. He will continue to reek havoc on many innocent women and continue to use as many people as he can to get what he wants and then move on to the next. This woman he is with now has stalked his wife and harassed her and had a protective order against her. She can have him. She is getting a volatile evil being with no conscious or empathy and is now as I speak screwing another woman named Abby behind her back. Laura Ulreich and his family think that he is divorced. This is all part of his manipulation… she is a naive individual and deserves what she gets for getting with a married man. Shame on her what would her kids think if they knew. What would her parents think if they knew what she is doing???? The photo is of the woman he is using and shacking up with. His smile isn’t even real.He is struggling to look content with her but in fact is miserable with her. It must be so hard trying to constantly fake happiness. I am an advocate for her family. They are devastated and he is a sick mess.

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