Shawn Cramner – Steeleville, Illinois Illinois


I have been married to this man for 18 years and the first 6 year’s he cheated on me with like 4-5 different women! And the signs are all there again! He told me he didn’t trust me and I have been nothing but a floozy the past 12 years of our marriage. What’s funny is Everytime he accused me of things he has been the one doin it! So yes I got fed up with all the accusations and I left in April to try to wrap my head around everything that has went on over the last 18 years! He went to rehab things were looking better but when he got out all the accusing of me cheating and things have gotten worse! But I know he is the one messing around because when he started drinking again he told me he has never waited on me and there is plenty of girls that wants him married or single! And I can honestly say I haven’t once cheated on my husband and have only slept with the people he knows about because he was there!! And yes to this day we are still married no paperwork has been started. And yet he still has me blocked on social media! And is always talking about different women that know we are married! I mean hell so far 3 women have been spotted coming out of our front door of our home where one child sleeps on a daily basis and the other 2 are there off and on! He even went as far as telling my girls that he is looking for them a new mommy! But yet blaming me for cheating!!! Someone has got to stop him cause I know he ain’t gonna stop his self!! So watch out women he is a smooth talker a great dancer he loves to drink and sexy but also once a cheater always a cheater!!

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