Shawn Peskett and Christina K. Perez – Apple Valley, California California


This story is about Christina Kathryn Perez of Apple Valley, Ca. A home wrecker that stole my children’s father from them, stole my life and my children’s lives. 3 years after the fact it’s still affecting us and will continue to for the rest of our lives. I married a friend of 15 years. He promised me so much and begged for children. The story begins 2 years into my marriage while 7 months pregnant with our second daughter. It was Saint Patrick’s day 2012. We had custody of my 3 year old step son, 11 month old daughter and 7 months pregnant with our 2nd daughter. I was a stay at home mother while my husband worked long hours in the construction industry. My husband had a couple recent incidence where he had stayed out abnormally late after work or didn’t come home at all but on St. Patrick’s day, just 2 weeks before my first borns first birthday, he kissed me goodbye and left for work. All was seemingly well as I cooked and planned our traditional St. Pattys Day dinner and cared for our young children and nutured the little life growing inside me. Dinner time came and went be never came home, never called or returned my worried calls and texts. 2 days went by still no word. I called every hospital, jail, morgue and friends and family. No one knew anything. 4 days later I finally heard from him he was at his cousin Christinas house. He said he was sorry and just needed to clear his mind. I knew then something wasnt right. I felt it in my soul. Finally he arrived home on the 6th day after I had gotten home with our daughter who had come down with fifths disease and was in the hospital for 2 days. He came and said he couldn’t do this anymore it was all to much and he was leaving us. LEAVING US??? LEAVING YOUR 2 CHILDREN AND PREGNANT WIFE???? So he did. He took a few belongings and left in his cousins car. I watched her drive off with my husband never thinking she could possibly be stealing my children’s father and my husband. I thought he was scared. I thought all this responsibility had come too fast or maybe my hormones had pushed him away. I never thought he had been having an affair. I’d known this man for 15 years. Weeks went by and I heard nothing from him and couldn’t pay our bills. I was sick and pregnant just weeks away from delivery and the thought of doing this all alone consumed and terrified me. Finally he agreed to meet us at a local park and see the kids. As he arrived he greeted me as if nothing ever happened and ran off to play with the kids at the park. He had placed his keys and phone at the table where I sat and watched them play. My intuition couldn’t leave it alone. I had to see what secrets his phone held. I did, I grabbed that phone, began snooping. I was shocked unsure I wanted to look any further. Text messages from his cousin Christina Kathryn Perez by the tens. Every phone call in his phone was to or from her. Text messages that read “I love you baby” “when are you coming home” “I miss you” “now you know what a real woman tastes like” “Your leaving her right” “how long will the divorce take” and many more incriminating words that would shred my world over the next year. I didn’t tell him what I had saw but captured photos with my phone and left everything I now knew a secret. I went into labor in mid may I called desperate for my husband to see our daughters birth and hold my hand. He refused. Finally my sister had had enough a She went to his cousins house, dragged him out by his ear and brought him to the hospital. He was there physically but he wasn’t emotionally there. He watched her be born then started a fight with me and called his new mistress/ cousin to pick him up. It would be weeks before he would see us again. At the end of June he came crawling back asking forgiveness and wanting a family again. I accepted and he stayed until the forth of July when his mistress showed up to the park we were at accompanied by my mother and sister in law. I confronted her and asked for her to take a walk with me and talk about what was happening. She denied it all. She said she wouldn’t tear our family apart or sleep with a married man let alone her own cousin. But at the end of the evening she beckoned and he answered her call. That evening she called me and told me everything and mentioned all the things he had told her about our personal life. And her last words were dark, evil and threatening. She stole my children’s father and my husband. He would choose to never see his kids again.

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