Shawn Wayne Cook. Evidently this guy is in the educational field, which makes me want to puke. This guy ripped me off for several hundred dollars. He acts one way around some people, then, another horrible way, when nobody is looking evidently. | He took me for several hundred dollars. We had a deal, and he lied, cheated and stole my money. He is the worst. Lied through his teeth, to try and steal some more. | I am out about $1200 on this guy. I want everyone to know. When someone quotes you a fair price, and offers you a fair deal, you should say thank you. Not, try and steal from them. Hope you enjoy your a/c, you jerk. | Using your position at a school to influence a price, is pretty low too. Great guy without any character. Any integrity. Any sense of what is right, and wrong. Hope you go to church, and change your ways someday.


  • Country: United States
  • State: Arkansas
  • City: Hot Springs
  • Address: 123 Setter Crossing
  • Phone: 501-282-0658
  • Website:

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