Shawna Connell – Columbia, South Carolina South Carolina


This is Shawna Connell of the Columbia, SC area (Cayce specifically). I found a photo of this disgusting cow on my husband of 4 years’ phone, with his Greg in her mouth. When I confronted her about it, the response was even more disgusting than her figure. Not only does she cop to f-king other women’s husbands; she is rather proud of it. Don’t know what’s bigger, her waist line or her ego. Apparently her own husband cheats on her regularly, so she goes on Craigslist and puts out ads for hook-ups to get “retribution.” She is very proud of being the sloppy trash that POS husbands look for when they want a strange warm hole. She claimed to me that she is a therapist, although I don’t know if I believe that. If so though, ladies, she’s probably not the one you want to book. She seems way more into treating your husband.

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