Shawna Lenhart – Kitzmiller, Maryland Maryland


I won’t lay the blame just on this floozy Shawna Lenhart as it takes two to tango, but when an adult woman sends her child out of her friends house to tell a man that is there working on said friends vehicle that he is good looking, that within itself tells me she has issues. Her Karma will come in time. If she thinks raising kids now is easy wait until she has to raise the 42 year old child that I have been with for four years and engaged too. No, he is not innocent as he did not have to act upon her words to him. He chose to take the chick to a friend of mines home where MY camper is located and keep the bitch there with him all week. My friend finally told him he needed to leave and gave Shawna 5 minutes to leave her property and to never return. I contacted her that night on the phone. She supposedly knew some things about me, but apparently her twat did not care, but I bet if the shoe was on the other foot she sure wouldn’t like this being done to her. She continued to pursue him after I had spoke to her and on more than one occasion. Then she would say “I am done with him.” She then started using a friend of his to get information to him. I took him to the first home to work on a vehicle and a couple days later his friend was coming to get him and I was totally not allowed to go with him on this trip. Mind you I just had triple bypass surgery 3 weeks ago. My gut told me what was going on so I called my friend in the area up and said ” you going to be available to go for a ride with me in a little bit?” Of course my friend said she would go. Once I picked her up, her husband and a family friend rode with us to said home and pulled in the driveway. Bodies started scattering and I flipped him the bird and he came out the door. I confronted him and he was in total denial, saying she was only there to pick up her children. What a crock of shit and lies and deceit and deception. This girl will just not stop. As far as I am concerned she can have him because he is only using her as well as her only using him. Women better watch your men if in that area as well as the Crellin, MD area as this is where it all started at on Preston Ln in Crellin, Md.

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