Shayla Beaulieu – Harrington, Delaware Delaware


My now ex husband and I moved to Delaware to get him away from drugs and being in and out of jail, I moved to Delaware for his “fresh start” of course putting my life on hold to better his. We were married 1 year together for 6. We were teen parents and high school sweethearts. He would always complain of how I wasn’t like him, because I had no interest in his drug habits or doing them with him. After months and months of being abused for “cheating” on him with zero proof..because I wasn’t! I finally came to conclusion that maybe just maybe the accusing one was actually the one doing the cheating! I found out that while I was visiting my family in Pennsylvania this nasty junkie girl was invited to my house to stay and spend the night. All of while my husband at the time was texting me saying he loves and misses me and our two children. Given the fact that he said that I called him and told him I was on my way back home earlier than he expected. He insisted that I don’t put myself and put children in danger and drive at night, he asked for me to leave first thing in the morning. I built up the courage to ask our neighbors and his friends if they knew anything, I was surprised to find out that he would sneak out of our home while I was asleep and go out until 2-3am getting high shorting up herion, meth and coke together! || He denied denied denied everything! He told me she was filthy, she stank and was a used up junkie he bought drugs from. Obviously I still didn’t believe him so I left. I put up with years and years of abuse and bullshit to be treated like this? I was done! Not even two weeks later she posted selfies of the two kissing and hugging. I’m no longer mad at this girl though, junkies belong together. That was never my lifestyle. I was beyond shocked to learn that while we were married and after we split he was literally pimping this girl out in hotels to buy their drugs. I’m thankful that this nasty junkie opened my eyes so I finally realized who I was married to. My story could have ended a lot worse,but instead I remarried a man who for 3 years now treats me like gold every single day..and who even protects me from the nasty piece of shit I was once married to!

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