Shayla Poling – Crooksville, Ohio Ohio


This ladies, is my first cousin who I spent my entire childhood with and lived beside until a few years back. You know I held her when she cried, she told me everything, I always tried to be that for her, she met a guy and he had a friend. Me and her boyfriends friend had been together almost two years when this story began. I trusted him and her like I never in a million years would believe shed do this to me. One day I found out that my boyfriend called her cute ya know it bugged me, me and and him fought, we made up he swore that’s all that happened. So its a morning before he had to go to work and I’m on his phone that my cousins boyfriend l, (his best friend), had given him and I open his gallery and look down, my motluth falls open in disgust, shock, and disbelief at naked photos of my cousin. All I could manage to spit out was “what the fuck is this” as years welled up in my eyes, he said “what?” and I yelled ” why are there naked photos of Shayla in your fucking phone!”, and he just paused, I could see it in his face he had just been caught, and my heart started to sink. “No there aren’t photos in my phone!” he said, so I threw the phone at him and said “then look”, I started to hyperventilate at this point, my anxiety was flaring up and I just couldn’t breath, I was fucking choking on my words. I took the phone and slammed it into the floor breaking it with every ounce of anger I could, then picked it up and snapped the phone, all I could manage to do was sit down on the bed, turns and stare at him, a tear falls from my eye, and I just sit there numb ya know, so hurt that I can’t even figure out how to react kind of hurt. I can’t remember what happened after that besides 6 months after that I got diagnosed with bulimia, depression, anxiety, and I had gained so much weight. Then when I so bad been taking my medicine for a while I finally one day asked him what else happened that night with the pictures. Apparently he was talking with her boyfriend about having a three some with him and her (my cousin). There had been apparently way more nudes of her sent to him, and he sent a picture of his dic to her and him saying “I hope she doesn’t mind, I’m kind of a forest down there”, and he admitted he jacked off to her photos in the bathroom that night. Note, I’m asleep in the bedroom right next to the bathroom and we had a dumb argument that day before this happened. On another note, she slept with one of her best friends boyfriend like a year later and told her best friend that he said she rode him better. She’s just a peice of shit and every time I think of her I get so nauseated, I just wish she would get what she deserved.

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