Shayna Marie – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina South Carolina


Shayna Marie of Myrtle Beach, Sc is the epitome of the name. She hasn’t a care in the world if the man is married or has children involved. She doesn’t care the damage she does to not just the mans life but that of the wife and child/children that are involved. She’s even got 1 of her own that she puts on the back burner and never thinks of him first. She uses her sex appeal to lure men in and then proceeds to ruin their lives with her lying, sneaky deranged mind. She’s been know to work in the timeshare industry but has since moved into a new line of work as her reputation has been scarred since she’s know around town as a home wrecker. Do NOT let her pretty face fool you, she’s only cares about herself, taking selfies, drinking and going after men that are already in relationships. She’s a horrible friend as her closest can’t trust her to be around their own men due to her constant flirtatious ways.

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