Sheena Harmon – Newark, New Jersey New Jersey


I was married 25 years. My husband and I had been together for 31. We have 3 children. We were happily married and planning for our next chapter in life. Us! We had many plans until August 2013 this 26 year old kid, poor, 2 kids from 2 different baby daddies showed up looking for a job. My husband hired her and from there she pursued him. Non stop texting and sending pictures. Then Snapchats. I confronted her and told her he was married with children. She said she knew and did not care. I asked her to leave us alone. Let us repair the damage she caused and she replied no, she hit the jack pot. She was also married, 10 months, where she continually cheated on her husband with not only my husband but other married men. She wouldn’t back off and wouldn’t go away and now she has baby #3 to her third baby daddy. || Within knowing this girl all of 4 months my husband was fired from his job, lost his home, wife, kids. Destroyed his credit trying to keep up the”rich appearance” for her, filed bankruptcy and our family home is in foreclosure. He doesn’t see or speak with his kids any more as she has her kids consume him because having 2 dads wasn’t enough. She wanted 3. She turned my husband against my oldest daughter as she was threatened by her because of the closeness in age and my daughter is beautiful and well she’s not. She has told people that I have an illegitimate child and that o also was a cheater but she can’t back up her claims because I only have 3 children born within my marriage and I was a devoted wife who was in love with her husband and was completed blindsided. She went as far as drawing up fake divorce papers and passing them off as my divorce. They both wear wedding rings trying to give her some dignity.

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