Shelby Anselmo – Walland, Tennessee Tennessee


Shelby Anselmo lives in Walland/Maryville, TN. She began a friendship with my husband on the night of a mutual friend friend’s death. She began taking advantage of my husband’s tendency to empathize with those in a troubled time. She portrayed herself as a friend who needed support to leave her abusive husband. She embedded herself into “boys night out” posing as a guest of one of my husband’s single friends, and then proceeded to downgrade a woman she had never met who was home taking care of his young child, while he enjoyed the occasional stress free night. Leaving her own child alone with the allegedly abusive husband who had no idea of her indiscretions. Unknowing the true situation at the time, my husband even encouraged me to befriend her and help her gain her confidence. Instead, She encouraged them to meet up alone to get closer to him, and while it never went “all the way”, it was a very sexually tense situation between them. She became obsessive, and once I caught wind of what was going on, and my husband came clean about the entire relationship and even figuratively “broke up” with her on the phone while having me listen to clear the air, and reaffirm that he was committed to working on our relationship. She refused to accept the fling was over. She continued to message and call the house and his phone when he attempted to take it down to just casual friends. Eventually having to block her on Facebook and his phone. Not saying my husband was a saint in any of this, by any means, but at least he took steps to correct the issue when he realized it was causing extream tension between us. This is one to watch as she doesn’t care how many marriages she breaks up, including her own, to persue her idealistic fantasy of a white knight.

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