Shelby Arvizo – Orange, Texas Texas


Meet Shelby Arvizo. A 23 old single mother who cheated on the father of her child to seduce a married man who has two children of his own. They kept their affair secret for three years. Lying to the wife and the father of her child any time they were together. What’s more sickening is they got their families in on it. So everyone knew but the wife and her kids. It’s disgusting really. Oh and shelbys daughter is a girl. Some role model right? Even brought her daughter around the married man and got her attached. If you want you can call her what all of us do. “Butt sex girl” simply because after my friend reconciled with her husband after he came clean about his infidelity the girl continued to text him a screenshot of her telling her friends she “missed her butt sex partner”. She’s a real charmer. All the while the husband only apologized for being an a$$ in previous texts. Btw she knew the entire time he was married. Even continued to keep things up after the man and his wife bought a new home. Yes he’s just as much to blame. He knows it. He has to face his wife and kids and family. She hasn’t had to answer for any of it, and because she hurt people I care about. This seemed fitting…

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