Shelby Layne McCoy – Glasgow, Kentucky Kentucky


My husband and I got married 2 years ago, and I never had a reason not to trust him. I was being nosey one night and decided to go through his phone. There were her naked pictures, inappropriate conversations, and he was obviously sleeping with her still. I confronted him about it and we argued but he agreed to stop. She wasn’t having it though. She would call from multiple phone numbers and mulitple Facebook accounts and snapchats. She has a boyfriend and they have been dating for 2 years. She just calls him when he makes her mad or she doesn’t get her way. She has at least 3 facebooks and 2 snapchats, she is still calling and texting, he will tell her to stop and then she will message me saying he is messaging her and she wins. His mom even told her to stop and she won’t quit. We block her and she just makes a new account.  She is sneaky and will lie and edit messages to make it look bad and message me. She also said if she ever found out we were getting married she would ruin the wedding. Shelby Layne McCoy is a Home Wrecker…

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