Shelby Leigh Hayes – Columbus, Ohio Ohio


So this is Shelby Hayes…..the teen home wrecking whore who destroyed not only my marriage and family but also my husband and son’s relationship forever! This little manipulating slut was dating my step son. I knew the moment I met her she was up to no good and felt very strongly she was not good for my family. My son was in love for the 1st time and there wasn’t going to be any getting rid of her. It was give her a chance or possibly lose my son. After less than 6 mo I recv’d a call asking me to google a news article. It was about a 47yr old married man w/2 children who was an ex-cop and now a teacher at a local school. He had been having an affair w/one of his students. Guess who?? This little whore!! She admitted to me that it was consensual. She was 18 but because she was a student he ended up doing over a year in prison and is now a registered sex offender! My son being the good boy he is was manipulated into thinking she was a victim so he stayed w/her. So then she gets pregnant w/my grandson! || Tried and succeeded to get very close to my family and started asking me a lot of questions about mine and my husbands relationship and just info about him in general. Said she wanted to get to know him better as he was her baby’s grandpa. She started complaining a lot about my son and going as far as asking me if I thought a “f**k buddy was ok? I was def on alert and wondering what her angle was but the baby was born and I fell madly in love w/him. She seemed to finally be happy and my family seemed to be whole. Everything seemed to be going great. Fast forward 7 months and my husband receives a text from her saying every time he looked at her it melted her heart. I knew immediately that this was real and was actually happening! Even tho they both tried desperately to lie and make me think I was crazy for thinking such a thing. I waited until I had enough evidence that neither could deny it any longer. She had managed to get what she wanted all along….MY HUSBAND!! || In all the affair lasted for a year and a half…her saying she was completely in love w/him and you can’t help who you fall in love with and him saying he had no feelings for her and trying to get me back while still keeping her as his dirty little secret. She even admitted to me she has “daddy issues”. She had been using me and my children to gain info…she knew my husband had not always been faithful to me and used that to her advantage. My husband and I were best friends and he was the love of my life…so in wanting to keep my family together we had worked things out from the past and I thought all was well….until this. She says he started it….doesn’t really matter tho does it? She cld have said no. She knew she was coming between a father and son and ruining yet another family! He is as much to blame….if not for her past w/another married man I would say he’s more to blame…but she knew exactly what she was doing! He was 50 and she was 19. She seems to have lost nothing and is on to her next “love”…..she even split w/this one long enough to sleep w/my husband some more and then get back with her new guy. I am getting divorced because I deserve so much better…but we have children together so I still see him. I see his regret and pain….I see my family who has been torn apart and is suffering and she seems to be moving on as if it never even happened! We have women’s intuition for a reason!!! || Listen to that little voice that tells you what you need to know to protect your family….don’t ignore it….don’t pacify it….listen to it! I wish I would have. There is nothing I can about any of this….but if I can warn another family of this little home wrecker I feel it’s my duty to do so.

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