Shelby Licketig – Houma, Louisiana Louisiana


Check your phone bill. This chick loves married men. She send thousands of text messages and naked photos to your man. She a uscg ho that does the typical damsel in distress, “I need help”, “I don’t understand something”, “my fiancé sucks” and it turns into men feeling bad for her, they help her and she sleeps with them as a thank you. This girl has been a disgusting homewrecker for many years. She enjoys older married men who have children and thrives on men who are happily married. It’s a sick game of hers to peruse and sleep with married men, especially ones that out rank her and/or have a pregnant spouse at home. This girl does not care. Check your phone bills ladies. Thousands of phone callls and text messages from this 913 area code and tons of naked picture mails are truth of this homewrecker trying to or is sleeping with you man.

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