Shelby Wyler aka Magby – Aumsville, Oregon Oregon


What a good Christian girl, mother, wife and mistress. She had sex with someone else’s husband (with his 9 y.o. child there too). Became pregnant and refuses a dna test cause her husband is going to raise this child as his own. She has cheated on her husband with at least 3 other men.. she has no limit… will do them on a family camping trip, hunting trip, in a car on the side of the road, on her parents living room… just a few places I know for a fact… She works as a hair dresser cut my husband’s hair and screwed up the fade line and also left a bald spot on my sons hair when she cut it. I’m tired of all the lies and secrets…. I’m tied of the storm they left behind as I am struggling to heal that are acting as nothing happened and have a fairytale family.

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