Shelly Flynn – Carbondale, Colorado Colorado


So it all began back in 2005 when I met her. She worked for me and I commited the cardinal sin of dating your employee. Over the years we moved about even living in Kansas City, MO for a spell where we worked for her parents. She is a vile human being and got fired by her mother but I stayed on an additional 4 months to ensure we would have money to live on and move. Moved to Carbondale, CO in 2010 and I was blamed countless number of times for her not being able to find a job (she could barely hold onto a job for more than a year anywhere we lived) only to find out she was cheating on me with a b*tch boy named Errin O’Connor. The significance of this is that is the same man she cheated on her first husband with. Flash forward 4 years and countless a number of men she spread her legs to… we had a son. Thankfully I did the right tests to ensure he was mine. 6 months after having our son she began an affair with Marc Tergeleou of Athen Builders out of Aspen. I divorced shortly after but have continued to be manipulated by her through our son. I know for a fact she’s cheated on Marc multiple times but he’s like 60 years old and can’t do any better than her. He owns a company and she is a power hungry w****. They “Rob Peter to pay Paul” through both of their companies and are on the verge of losing it all. Her company she created is SQUISHY MATS (if you like an extremely overpriced play mat for your kid then buy one from her) and he barely has a functioning construction company because he owes $$$ to his wife he cheated on with Shelley and can’t seem to keep himself out of jail. Hit her up, she gives a mediocre blow job. She’s the Home Wrecker in the middle…

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