Sherri Blawn Martin – Emmaus, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


Ladies, watch your men because an adulteress is in town!! This woman Sherri Blawn Martin will set her eyes on a man and even though she knows that he is married with a family she will do everything she can to get him. She has no regard whatsoever for the sanctity of marriage, the wife, his children or even her own children for that matter. She cares for no one but herself. She is a cheating, lying, selfish and self centered woman who is very insecure who tries to build herself up with the false confidence that she derives from the ability to steal your man! What she is too stupid to know is that a lot of men think only with their penis’s and as soon as that thrill has worn off she will be like all the other woman left in his wake. She is NOT special but by stealing your husband it makes her feel special. She is also not very attractive but I guess getting married men to sleep with her makes her feel attractive.

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