Sherry (Preslar) Outen – Monroe, North Carolina North Carolina


My husband began working with Sherry in 2001. My husband invited her to our home for my sonís 1 year bday party in March-2002. Sherry didnít have children and I began asking why she was here. I had voiced my concerns to my husband as well as Sherry regarding their friendship. As time went on, my husband still worked with her and refused to leave. Heíd come home talking about this whore which would raise my suspicions even more. In 2005, I logged on to my husbandís work email and saw where they had been emailing back and forth, nothing major, just can you come to my desk when you get in, come see me when you get in, call me when you get here etc. I was baffled since for the past 2 years my husband said he never spoke to her, that he was now in a different position and never saw the bitch. Well, I asked him about the emails and come to find out, he had been lying to me for over 2 years when all along he was her supervisor!!!! WTH! So he looked me in my eyes daily and lied about seeing her! I was angry and hurt but tried to deal with it the best I could. I thought he had cheated but heíd deny it. Recently, he finally admitted to having an affair with her in 2005. || Story goes like this. Bitch found out (probably from my husband) that Iíd be out of town for the weekend so she invited herself to my home and my husband jokingly said ok. She called from a Harris Teeter pay phone saying she was on her way here. My husband had her park across the street. When she came in, she asked to use the bathroom and headed to my bedroom which is upstairs. My husband was sitting on the bed waiting for her. When she came out of the bathroom, she walked over to my husband and took all her clothes off except for her panties and laid on MY bed! He began making out with her, she went down on him, he went down on her, she went back down on him, he went back down on her and then they had sex! He swears he wore protection but I donít believe it! Not for one second and also said this was the only time it happened, I also donít believe that. Anyways, so once she left, he saw where she had thrown a panty liner in the bathroom trash, unwrapped! Either sheís that fucking nasty or she was hoping Iíd find it! NO, she wasn’t on her period, women wear them for discharge. || My husband said he took a shower and scrubbed down feeling disgusted once it was over. Said she didnít maintain herself downstairs and was no good in bed! Of course I don’t believe he found her nasty, he went down on her twice and then fucked her! I personally have always found her gross, had I known about the affair around when it happened, I would have never had more children with my husband, however, I had 2 more with him without knowing about the affair. I also suffered 8 miscarriages in which I KNOW she caused! I won’t go into details, bitch can’t have kids and I’d never help her have them. I had a great Dr, that’s all I will say, that’s why I have more children. The next day at work, she brings over an apartment key and directions to her apartment which my husband claims he gave back saying he made a mistake. (Who really knows if thatís true or not). Not to much longer after this event, she moved to a different office a good ways from where my husband worked and heís since gotten a job with a different company. This bitch is nothing but a mate poaching, home wrecking whore! She hit up on my husband for years with no respect for our marriage or my child. She would constantly make sexual innuendos so it was bound to happen. Sheís so fucking nasty that she fucked my husband in MY home and in MY bed where I have sex with my husband and where my toddler slept! After talking to my husband, this isnít the first time she has done this, she has had multiple encounters with married men as well as ran off with her sisterís husband for a while. She is now married to a man and has step sons. || I wonder if he left his wife for her and she works at a Christian Academy daycare which also makes me worried sheíll be hitting up on all of the married dads that have children there. BTW, I did reach out to her in 2010 to see if anything happened between her and my husband and she refused to talk to me. Recently, when I found out they did indeed have an affair, I handed her her ass and got blocked! Stupid bitch can fuck my husband but not be woman enough to talk to me about it. (Update) she did admit to the affair but refused to talk to me about it, only got the confession. Do not let this skank anywhere near your husband, she will do ANYTHING to lure your husband into the bed. Nasty whore!

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