Shih Tzu Rescue Review


This dog rescue is completely fraudulent. The owner has over a 100 dogs. She’s had the same dogs on petfinder for years. She takes in perfectly adoptable dogs and then puts them in a cage with three other dogs 4 x 4. She says all dogs are better off with her than anybody else. She also stated that dog should be vegetarians. She is a hoarder. She has mental problems. Do not give her a dog. She gets tons of applications a day to adopt dogs that do not even exist anymore. They never call anybody back. They’ve only adopted out a handful of dogs in over 20 years! The woman is also a racist. I spoke to her on the phone for over an hour and she said that old people, young people, black people, poor people, and mexicans should not get dogs that they would be better off with her. What did it to petfinder several times but they do not care. Petfinder also has times are good complaints against them. [censored]su needs to be shut down and the dogs need to be rescued from the so-called “rescue”. Read the reviews on better business bureau or anywhere you can find them she is a manipulative liar!

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