Shipped, LLC. Review


We have recently had the displeasure of being conned by Trevor Granger of Shipped LLC and I write this review as a warning to other potential vendors and clients of Trevor Granger. | Trevor sells a very low quality product called the ‘Rocked Abs’ waist training belt. He scammed my photography studio into photographing his Rocked Abs waist training belt (images are uploaded to and then filed a chargeback a month and a half later, after using the images for his commercial advertising. His original signed and legally binding contract is online at | The belts’ were so long and the quality was so poor that they appeared ‘buckled’ and creased. | I warned Mr. Granger of this, but he loved the photos. Afterwards, he attempted to extort additional images from us at no charge, which we refused outright, as only a single day of shooting was booked. | I then informed Trevor that we no longer wished to do business with his company. He became aggressive, threatening and verbally abusive towards me until I blocked his email and telephone number. | Trevor Granger then used these images on his Amazon listing and several third party eCommerce websites for around a month and then replaced them with ‘fake’ images of his Rocked Abs waist training belt Photoshopped onto stock images, to hide how ill fitting the belt is in real life. | After having used our photos for over a month, Trevor Granger then filed a chargeback for the money that he paid our studio, which not only breached his contract with F-Sequence Studio, but retroactively violated our copyright, as our images were still being used by his company for profit. | Essentially, Trevor Granger is a thief and a con artist, no better than a retail shoplifter. He basically stole our services and violated our copyright without remorse. | Please be very careful when working with Shipped LLC and Trevor Granger. Speaking as both a vendor and a customer, his products are terrible quality and his business | it’s more than likely that he would steal from other clients and I’m absolutely expecting retaliation against our business, because this is the type of con artist and terrible business person that Trevor Granger is.


  • Name: Shipped, LLC.
  • Country: United States
  • State: Florida
  • City: Clearwater
  • Address: 80 Rogers St.
  • Phone: (727) 260-4159
  • Website:

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