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I found Herzel Cohen on as a distributor of diamonds and bought a stone from him. It was supposed to be certified. When i got the certification it was done by DGL. There is a DGL lab, whose website is this one was a fake. the website was (notice the spelling) the website is a shell with only a few navigable pages. And their email address was at a hotmail account. I tried to verify the certificate, but the link to do so only takes you to the pricing page. I had emailED Herzel about this and he got all offended saying that the lab was a real and respected lab in Israel. So I emailed the lab on their hotmail account…and guess who replied….HERZEL COHEN!!.the stone i bought from them was not the clarity listed in the certificate and no one should “certify”” their own stones. Also

I was charged $30 for the certification and then when I used Paypal

Herzel told me that I need to pay more to cover his Paypal fees

which is his cost of doing business

not mineThey also go under the company Shirel Diamonds

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