Shirod Trey Miller Bywater in New Orleans Louisiana


Complaint: Billy got arrested last night in front of Bywater BBQ Restaurant 3162 Dauphine St in New Orleans 504-944-4445. He was brought to jail with all the people that helped him get arrested watching on. It was amusing to see him laying on the sidewalk in front of the restaurant handcuffed. It took all of us to get him there. He bounced checks all over this town. Scammed his lover and friend. Billy took them for a ride. Even promised lover and friend the restaurant after closing. The complete story to follow soon as we find out about all the charges that Shirod will face. Good job to all the people that stayed up hours researching and tracking Billy’s past foot steps. It is sad to think of all the victims he got here, but it is awesome he is in jail.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 3162 Dauphine New Orleans, Louisiana United States of America


Phone: 917-250-1044

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