Shop Jeen Waterloo Ontario Review


I ordered a sweatshirt from Shop Jeen on line in mid december. The sweatshirt was a pre-order, set to ship in January. In January I was told the shirt was back ordered and I would receive it in February. In February I was told they were still waiting for the shirt to come in. I was informed they couldn’t return my money because if they did that then they would go out of business – seriously, thats what they said I have it in an email. It is now mid march and still no sweatshirt and no refund. They have stolen my money and commited fraud by promising something they never had the intention of providing. This so called company has no telephone numbers and no street adress. The girls running this are about 20 years old. I would like to see them both face criminal charges.

New York, New York USA

Specialty Stores

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