Sienna “Ivy” Marie Mayes – Anderson, Indiana Indiana


This is the homely little slut of Anderson. She has a very huge obsession with one of the town thots, Megan, and has followed her around since they became arch rivals in high school. Sianna has sucked, or fucked every guy Megan has ever been with. She has never let a day go by without saying something about Megan , in a jealous hater type manner. She tries her very hardest to be everything that Megan is, for Megan is not just a Thot as everyone would say, she’s kind, beautiful, and would help anyone in anyway that she can. Sianna is only out to destroy every relationship she has been involved with by throwing her past up and pushing them all away, spreading lies and rumors to make her look like a queen compared to Megan. When in reality she’s nothing but a cunt face gutter slut bitch that wants Meg’s left overs!

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