Sierra Murphy – Merced, California California


This little shemale home wrecker takes the cupcake right here. First she wrecked her own home because she cheated on husband and took the kids and moved to another state not allowing then to see their father. Then she ditched them for 8 months because her pu*** was more important all while the kids were in her exes care. Sierra is known to prowl on POF to find any type of man and she doesn’t care if the man is taken or not, she has been with many married men and has also dated multiple men at once. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had an std infested vagina. Now she’s dating a guy who’s in the military and married. The said guy has ditched his poor wife causing her anxiety and depression and Sierra doesn’t seem to show remorse. I guess not only is he serving his country but he is also serving one of the many home wrecking shemales of Merced. As if this wasn’t bad enough she brings all these strange men around her children…mother of the year right here!!! ??????

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