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So I’ve been with my boyfriend for 2 going on 3years. Almost a month before Christmas he cheated on me with a girl he considered his sister. I was busting my ass at work trying to support us because he lost his job, our relationship had hit rock bottom. We were fighting all the time. Well she came over one day and we all hung out. My boyfriend and her ran to the store. When he came back he said I don’t know if we should be with each other. (This isn’t when he cheated on me) Less than a week later while I was at work he picked her up and they (watched a movie). I felt iffy that whole day I knew something was off. He stayed the night at his friendís house for 2 nights, came home cooked me dinner and proceeded to tell me what happen. || Well I was done I wanted nothing to do with him. He begged me to stay, telling me it was a huge mistake. I couldnít believe he would do this to me I trusted him with all my heart. I texted her and she tried to lie and told me everything. She told me he said he didn’t want to be with me. To make matters worse she was pregnant before he cheated on me with some random guys baby. So she was pregnant when this happened and I was going out of my way to help her because she was going to be a single mom (the guy wanted nothing to do with her or the baby) || So hereís my problem I forgave him I by no means believe it was a mistake, I believe he did talk shit about me I believe he didn’t tell me the whole story. But I forgave him and believe he would never do it again. She lives a few houses down from me, so I see her pretty much every day. How can I move on and fix my broken relationship when I see the homewrecker who helped destroy it in the first place. Seeing her makes it harder for me to trust the man who is going above and beyond to make it up for he did. Every time I see her I get angry.

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