Signature Contracting Wylie Texas


Complaint: Signature Contracting contracted us to install a full landscape and irrigation for their client. We provided all material, and labor. After arriving on time and completing all contracted and change ordered work within the allowed time we requested payment. Signature waited 60 days to state there were some quality issues with the work provided. We arrived at a scheduled time with a crew to make any requested changes. The issues were all reviewed and found to be minor and not the fault of our services a fault in the contract and design provided to our staff. A resoluton was reached and it was requested that paymeny be made at the time of work performed. Signature never appeared with payment and quit taking our calls. We were out over $20,000.00 and never recieved 1 payment. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED STAY CLEAR OF SIGNATURE.

Tags: Builders & Contractors

Address: 1510 Jelmak Street Grand Prarie, Texas United States of America


Phone: 214-596-1434

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